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John Richards and Captain Mike McCorkle.

Sharing the Sea

California Sea Grant's Role in Forty Years of Navigating Ocean Space Use

California Sea Grant announces finalists for the 2022 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

2024 Knauss Fellowship Finalists announced

Two California graduate students to join prestigious program

Fishing boats in Santa Barbara.

Sharing Ocean Space to Boost Seafood Production

California Sea Grant’s New Website Offers Solutions For Shrinking America’s Seafood Deficit

A group of fellows sitting.

How California Sea Grant State Fellows Influence Good Policymaking Everywhere

Over 300 aspiring researchers & future policymakers have spent year-long forays in the decades old program polishing their best skills & discovering new strengths

Volunteers measuring beach

New Website Shares Beach-Monitoring Data

Decades of community science now, for the first time, easily accessible

Students get hands-on aquaculture experience on a floating upwelling system (FLUPSY) in San Diego Bay. Photo Courtesy of Theresa Talley

Readying Southern California for a Growing Aquaculture Industry:

Designing and launching a community college aquaculture workforce development program

Kelp forest in California

Cutting-Edge Science for Kelp Restoration

Results from six innovative research projects will help protect and restore California's vital kelp forests

Natalie Cross headshot

2023 NOAA Coastal Management Fellows Announced

Natalie Cross, a recent Stanford graduate, among the slate of fellows

flying condor

Searching for California condors’ new home

A pair of California researchers combine novel techniques to offer iconic birds a new hope

Hand holding a coho salmon.

Fog & Fish

How the marine fog layer impacts fish in streams

Min Khant Han prepares to go diving. Courtesy of Min Khant Han.

Ready for the Next Step: Underrepresented & Minority Undergrads Wrap Up Their California Sea Grant Internships

The year-long internships focus on kelp recovery, but the opportunity allows students to gain new experiences in science. For some, it’s helping to launch new careers.

People gathered around a sturgeon. Dr. Serge I. Doroshov (center). Photo Courtesy of Randy Lovell.

Roe Crops: How Sacramento Became the Caviar Capital of the U.S.

Bolstered by steady funding assistance from California Sea Grant, California’s white sturgeon were successfully brought into domestication

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Finding the Human Dimension in Environmental Management

2022 California Sea Grant State Fellow Aaron Angel explains how combining social and ecological data can improve monitoring programs across the state

Gathering on Buhne Point

Spent nuclear fuel sits on a crumbling California coastline. So what to do?

A Cal Poly Humboldt research team considers varied viewpoints on a tangled problem

Carina Fish headshot.

Knauss fellow Carina Fish melds justice and science

Working in a senate office reveals ‘how the cookie is made’

Sea Surface and Horizon. Photo credit/courtesy of: Petr Kratochvil.

Forging community and joint voices in the face of DDT’s environmental threat

When offshore DDT disposal in California resurfaced in the media, two Sea Grant programs joined forces

Commercial fisherman Pete Halmay in front of his boat.

‘Everybody thinks the ocean is limitless’

Fisherman Pete Halmay believes that both science and experience play a role in sustaining local fisheries. As told to Ute Eberle.

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The story in the data

Marine science interns turn to storytelling to clarify the numbers behind hypoxia in California

CUFES being installed

The unassuming device that maps California’s fish eggs

California Sea Grant funding helped an innovative tool spread across the world

Fish in water.

Press Release: Can genetic rescue be used as a tool to save endangered species?

Researchers from UC Berkeley, NOAA and California Sea Grant say the technique is being used to bolster California’s endangered coho salmon.