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Spiny lobster

Scrutinizing the spiny lobster

Research reveals a more complex portrait of a key commercial species

Fish larva in the archive

A detective story in the larval archives

Erica Mason dove back into the biological archives to better understand California’s bass

Two people outplanting baby oysters

Wild Olympia baby oysters are back in Elkhorn Slough

Researchers celebrate the success of a pioneering conservation aquaculture project

Lamprey sucking on a rock

Endangered ecosystem guardians: Two potential new lamprey species discovered

Reviled as bloodsuckers and diminished in numbers, lampreys cultivate river ecosystems

People sitting around a table

A Boost For Aquaculture: Tools To Identify Suitable Sites for Farming Seafood

For those looking to launch an ocean-based aquaculture project, finding both available and suitable space to safely farm seafood can be a daunting challenge, especially in densely populated locations like Southern California


It’s easy to spot a fish — but not so easy to track its spawning

Research supported by California Sea Grant and the Ocean Protection Council homes in on spawning behaviors

2024 State Fellows

California Sea Grant welcomes new 2024 class of state fellows

The year-long fellowship offers hands-on training related to policy and management of marine, coastal and watershed resources.

PIER researchers catching swordfish

Rewriting Pacific swordfish boundaries

A new, comprehensive dataset clarifies where swordfish travel — which has reworked international management plans

Researchers sampling Porter Creek

Press Release: New paper shows that adding even small amounts of water to streams can help California’s migratory fish

Researchers from UC Berkeley and California Sea Grant say the technique offers a simple tool to help assist California’s migratory fish

Binational fellow Meliza Le Alvarado surfacing from a dive

Bridging Borders for Coastal Resilience

California Sea Grant’s First-Ever Binational Climate Fellow Meliza Le Alvarado forges coastal collaborations


A Celebration of Seaweed

California Sea Grant Helps Bring Seaweed To The Table

Portrait shot of Chris Dewees

Charting a Course for Coastal Coexistence

An interview with California Sea Grant’s first extension agent

Sea Grant Specialist Mariska Obedzinski [and former program biologist Joe Pecharich] net[s] coho salmon smolts from a downstream migrant trap on Mill Creek in March 2005.

How A California Sea Grant Program Helped Shed Light on Salmon Recovery

California Sea Grant completes nearly two decades of monitoring and research.

A boat exits Noyo Harbor

Fort Bragg has the best kind of blues

Collaborative efforts to develop a new “blue economy” include a new California Sea Grant extension fellow

Michael Wells and his dog

From finance to shaping a sustainable future

California Sea Grant State Fellow Michael Wells looked at lithium extraction to help California reach its targets for clean air and climate change