Photo Credit: Catalina Sea Ranch Aquaculture 2019
03/07/2019 to 03/11/2019

Aquaculture 2019 is the largest aquaculture conference and tradeshow in the world.

Volunteers measure beach profiles as part of a citizen science project to monitor how Santa Barbara area beaches are changing. Citizen Science Conference
03/13/2019 to 03/17/2019

The annual Citizen Science Conference aims to weave together and address issues related to three main focal topics...

boat docked behind pier pilings in portland Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting 2019
03/19/2019 to 03/23/2019

The Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting brings together participants from diverse background to connect and trade ideas, methods, and practical solutions. The theme of the 2019 meeting...

Agriculture to Aquaculture: The case for shifting more of our protein supply from land to ocean in the Anthropocene

We are in the Anthropocene, the geologic epoch within which humans have become for the first time in our 200,000-year history a global force. We are a dominant force not only in changing Earth’s...

Past Events

11th Annual Lake Sonoma Steelhead Festival

California Sea Grant will be hosting an informational booth at this Saturday's 2019 Lake Sonoma Steelhead Festival!

Festival is on, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Food, wine, beer,...

What is California Sea Grant? An introduction to a state-wide science resource

Based at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is California Sea Grant, a collaboration of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the State of California and universities across...

Central Coast Regional Climate Symposium

California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Monique Myers will join a panel disucssion on how climate change will affect the Central Coast region. The panel will highlight key findings from the...

grass California Estuarine Research Society Annual Meeting

The meeting will be co-hosted by organization president and California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Theresa Sinicrope Talley.

National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management
12/08/2018 to 12/13/2018

Join California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Theresa Talley, Extension Director Lisa Schiavinato, and the Oregon Sea Grant team at the Sea Grant booth and sessions throughout the event.

Informational Webinar: Marine Protected Area Monitoring Program 2019 Solicitation

This webinar will provide information regarding the Marine Protected Area Monitoring Program 2019...

On the set of the new education series, “Ocean to Table: Stories of Food, Farming, and Conservation” at Hog Island Oyster Company in Tomales Bay, California. Video series premiere: Ocean to Table

Aquarium of the Pacific, USC Sea Grant, CA Sea Grant, and partners launch new video series featuring chefs, scientists, and ocean farmers from around the country and interactive app

Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference
09/10/2018 to 09/12/2018

The Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference is a forum for presenting technical analyses and results relevant to the Delta Science Program’s mission.

Farm to Fork Kick-off Event at the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market

- Meet Your Meal. Touch table of live seafood critters.
- A Taste of San Diego. Fresh seafood demo and sampling.
- Shop with the Chefs. A shopping tour of the market with Chef Juan...

Webinar: Volunteer Monitoring - Spotlight on NOAA Sea Grant Coastal Monitoring Programs

National Water Quality Monitoring Council Webinar Series

Presented by: Kristen Grant (Maine Sea Grant), Monique Myers...