California Sea Grant offers fellowship opportunities in research, natural resource management, and marine policy that allow graduate students to explore their interests and broaden their experience.

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Application Deadline: Jun 24, 2024
2025 Delta Science Fellowship
Funded by: Delta Science Fellows Program

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All recipients of fellowships through California Sea Grant must report in writing on the use of those funds so that Sea Grant can in turn report to the funding agencies. 

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Alumni talk about the benefits of being a fellow.

My fellowship experience has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I envy all of the incoming 2022 fellows that get to start this journey!

Kathryn Beheshti, PhD   |  California Sea Grant State Fellow

The universe rewarded me with a California Sea Grant fellowship at the Delta Stewardship Council, which not only gave me an opportunity to become the suited version of Jacques Cousteau that I envisioned but also an opportunity to crush any remnants of imposter syndrome that lingered or threatened to re-ignite.

Byron Riggins   |  Delta Science Program

During my time as a California Sea Grant fellow with Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, I have had opportunities to support the education team in many ways. One of the recent highlights involved supporting deep-sea exploration of the sanctuary through Nautilus Live.

Claire Nasr   |  California Sea Grant State Fellow

I’m thankful for the support to pursue the aspects of science that captivate and motivate me most, and to work alongside a few brilliant and open-minded teams here in San Diego.

Sky Smith   |  CA Sea Grant State Fellow