California Ocean Protection Council Funds

California Ocean Protection Council

Progress Reporting

Summary Reports:
(Summary reports only required for recipients of Grant #10-010 and Grant #11-027)

The Principal Investigator’s summary of the current status of the work shall accompany each invoice.  Each report shall include:

  1. The name of the recipient, the project number, the agreement number, date of the report, and the period of time covered by the report. 

  2. A short summary of significant activities and results in relation to a workplan objective during the invoice period.

  3. A statement explaining any problems, delays or adverse conditions that materially impaired the ability of the Recipient to meet the objectives of the agreement. Include efforts undertaken for problem resolution.

Annual Progress Reports

At the end of every budget year a progress report is required. Submit the progress report to Failure to submit an annual report will relieve the Conservancy and The Regents of the University of California of its obligation to disburse funds to the grantee unless and until the grantee corrects all deficiencies.

The annual and final progress report will include:

1) The name of the recipient, the project number, the agreement number, date of the report, and the period of time covered by the report.

2) A summary comparing the actual accomplishments with the goals and objectives (timelines, tasks, budget etc.) established in the work plan, the findings of the investigator; reasons why established goals were not met, if appropriate;

3) Problems encountered and how they were resolved. If a problem arises that is likely to seriously delay progress, the problem and some strategy for overcoming it needs to be described.

Final Progress Reports

Within 30 days of completion of an individual research project, supply with evidence of completion of the research project by submitting the following:

1) A fully executed Request for Disbursement requesting the final payment for that research project, and all necessary supporting documentation as provided in the award.

2) The work products for the research project specified in the work plan in the format or formats approved the the Coastal Conservancy.

3) A final progress report substantiating completion of that research project in compliance with the work program and including any outreach materials created in association with the research project.

California Sea Grant will review the documents for completion and submit the paperwork to the Conservancy. Within thirty days of Sea Grant's submission of the above documents, the Conservancy shall determine whether the individual research project has been satisfactorily completed. If so, the Conservancy shall issue a letter of acceptance of the research project and shall disburse all approved funds in the final request for disbursement.

Cost-share Report:

At the conclusion of the project, provide the total cost-share provided to the project. Leveraged funds will meet the match requirements under the RFP and grant agreement.

Trainee Reports:

No reports are required.