Strategic Plan and Services

Making science work for Californians since 1973.

Strategic Plan

By identifying important and emerging coastal and marine issues and supporting research, extension, and outreach efforts on these issues, California Sea Grant strives to provide better natural and social scientific information to promote the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources.



The California Sea Grant program supports and administers diverse programs that are designed to supply information to meet specific state management priorities. The program upholds National Sea Grant’s reputation, more than 50 years in the making, as a neutral broker of scientific information.

Proposal Review

In collaboration with agency partners, the program solicits, receives and conducts reviews of proposals from scientists throughout California to establish a portfolio of research to support specific needs.

Grant Administration

The program issues awards to universities, nonprofits, and businesses, tracks progress, and evaluates expenditures on awards to assure compliance with federal and state regulations.


Working with agency partners, the program provides research support and on-the-job training to new scientists who wish to apply their talents to policy and management needs at the state and federal levels. 

UC Extension & Outreach

Located throughout the state, the program’s University of California Specialists build cooperative relationships with coastal stakeholders, conduct applied research, and provide advisory services for coastal management.

Independent Program Reviews

On behalf of agency partners, the program organizes and conducts external reviews of the operation and efficacy of science and management programs, including consultation with outside experts.


With partners, California Sea Grant organizes and runs workshops and develops summary reports to fit their needs.


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