No-Cost Extensions

Grant #09-014, Grant #09-021, Grant #10-066, Grant #10-010, Grant #11-027

Rebudget [Transfer of Funds]:

All rebudgeting of funds into or from equipment, foreign travel and indirect cost categories require prior approval of the Sea Grant Director. For rebudgeting to/from other categories where prior approval is not necessary, the investigator’s institution is the office of record and therefore must keep the project leader’s justification for the rebudget. The email rebudget request must originate from the principal investigator with copies to all necessary parties. It should be sent to, addressed to Dr. Shauna Oh, and should include the following details:

  • The relevant grant number;

  • The Sea Grant project number;

  • Your campus account and fund numbers and/or purchase order number;

  • For each category requiring the rebudgeting of funds, include 1) an explanation of the benefit the project received and/or the reason you did not require the item originally budgeted, and 2) the balance of funds projected to be remaining at the end of the grant year. In addition, include the following information:

    • Equipment – Provide a description of the equipment to be purchased or leased, including unit cost and total purchase or leasing costs. Identify the purpose of each equipment item and how it will benefit the project or be used for the project.

    • Travel – All travel must be in compliance with the Fly America Act (contact your campus Contract and Grant or Foundation office if you need further information). Domestic travel includes travel to all U.S. possessions or trusts, such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Trust Territories, Guam, and Samoa. When requesting a rebudget to domestic travel include the number of travelers, type of transportation (airfare cost per traveler, mileage rate/mile x number of miles), and total. Identify the purpose of each trip and how it relates to the project. If a rebudget is needed to include a foreign trip or if the trip is not itemized in the originally approved budget, a written request with justification is required 45 days PRIOR to the trip. Foreign travel is NOT allowed and will not be reimbursed unless approved by the Sea Grant Director. Requests for prior approval of this nature should include the following:

      • Traveler’s name;

      • Dates traveled and destination;

      • Hotel, registration and all other expenses itemized;

      • Detailed itinerary of the travel including a pdf of the airfare quote or booking. The quote should include the name of the air carrier and flight number for each leg of the trip; and

      • Completed Fly America Act Waiver Checklist if using a foreign carrier.

    • Indirect Costs – Funds may be transferred between direct and indirect costs if ALL of the following conditions apply:

      • If a transfer of funds among direct cost categories would result in a revision to the amount of indirect costs approved in the line item budget; and

      • If the authorized transfer of funds and the adjustment of the amount of indirect costs do not exceed the approved total project costs; and

      • If the indirect cost rate does not change; and
        If the adjustment of the amount of indirect costs does not result in a change to the approved scope of work of the award.

  • Submit a matrix/spreadsheet indicating categories, original budget column, rebudget column, and new budget column. A sample spreadsheet is provided to attach to your justification. You may add categories that are not included in the sample spreadsheet.

No-Cost Extension

The email request must originate from the principal investigator and he/she must carbon copy all necessary parties. Please send your request to, address the email to  Dr. Shauna Oh, and include the following in your message:

1) The relevant grant number;
2) The Sea Grant project number;
3) Your campus account and fund numbers and/or purchase order number;
4) The new requested end date;
5) A justification for the need for additional time: Describe how and why progress has been delayed, which objectives have not yet been completed and a new timeline for their activities;
6) Indicate expected fund balance for each expense category, the reason for the balance, and an explanation of how the funds will be used (provide dollar amounts).
7) If applicable, justification for the extension of the traineeship; and

In order for a request to be reviewed, the project must have the following:

1) Cost-share documentation of all investigators must be up-to-date; (not required for Grant #09-014, Grant #09-021 or Grant #10-066)
2) Progress report must accompany request as a separate document; and
3) Progress reports must be up-to-date.

NOTE: Please be aware that extensions do not extend the due date of the Progress Reports. Additionally, approval of a no-cost extension for the research project does not automatically extend the traineeship(s) associated with the project. No-cost extension requests for traineeship funds must be specifically requested.