California Sea Grant Core Awards

Managing Your Award

Use this NOAA grant number for California Sea Grant work conducted during:


  • 2024 - current - NA24OARX417C0028-T1-01
  • 2022 - 2024 - NA22OAR4170106


Policies and Guidelines

1. Sea Grant Conditions of Award


Conditions of Award (2024) - PDF 

Sample invoice/IRR for UC campuses. We will accept IRRs from UC campuses as outlined in the UCOP Operating Guidance No. 02-02. Any format will be accepted providing the IRR includes all the fields listed in the UCOP Operating Guidance. Back-up documentation is required to receive payment. In order to have an overview of the project's progress, California Sea Grant will retain the right to randomly request ledgers showing expenses by category.

2. List of Unallowable Expenses

Purchases in categories listed as unallowable will be denied.  If the purchases are necessary to the successful completion of the project, the principal investigator will need to seek prior approval from California Sea Grant by emailing

3. Allowable Expenses

Sample invoice for Non-UC campuses: Principal 

Research Invoices; Traineeship Invoices. Any format will be accepted providing the invoice includes all the fields listed in the sample invoices. Back-up documentation is required to receive payment. In order to have an overview of the project's progress, a ledger showing a summary of expenses by category will be required on a regular basis. This includes identifying salaries and benefits, supplies, domestic and foreign travel, and any other costs associated with the project.



Reimbursement for travel expenses shall not be higher than the University of California approved travel rates.

If a foreign trip is not itemized (location, date of trip, estimated cost broken down by airfare, per diem) in the originally approved budget, the Sea Grant director requires a written request with justification at least 60 days PRIOR to the trip in order to notify the National Sea Grant office. This justification should include all items listed below.

All travel must be in compliance with the Fly America Act (contact your campus Contract and Grant or Foundation office if you need further information). Domestic travel includes travel to all US possessions or trusts, such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Trust Territories, Guam and Samoa. Requests for prior approval must be made sixty (60) days in advance and should include the following:

a) Traveler’s name;
b) Dates of travel;
c) Reason for the trip;
d) Origin and destination of the travel;
e) Detailed itinerary of the travel, name of the air carrier, and flight number for each leg of the trip (a PDF of a quote from an airline with details of the proposed trip and cost should accompany the request); and
f) Completed Fly America Act Waiver Checklist if a foreign carrier is used on any portion of a trip even when no US carriers are available.

Please allow at least 45 days for a decision to be made.

Research Traineeships

If your award has a traineeship, then please review Sea Grant Research Trainee Guidelines (PDF). 

Trainee appointment
The principal investigator or administrative representative will need to submit the Graduate Trainee Appointment Form before California Sea Grant can reimburse their campus for traineeship expenses.

Trainee separation
If the trainee separates as a Sea Grant trainee, then the principal investigator or administrative representative will need to submit the Graduate Trainee Separation Form.

Sea Grant Publication Guidelines

Copies of Your Publication 
It is essential that you and your trainees properly acknowledge support by the California Sea Grant College Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). You are required to provide California Sea Grant with copies of both print and electronic publications resulting from your Sea Grant funding, including workshop programs, abstracts and proceedings. All publications provided to California Sea Grant will be added to the collection of the National Sea Grant Library; and submitted for consideration to the NOAA Central Library.

Print documents including journal articles—email a PDF copy to for our required distribution, identifying the California Sea Grant project number (e.g., R/CZ-123) with which it is associated.

Dissertations and theses—email a PDF of complete thesis or dissertation to, identifying the California Sea Grant project number with which it is associated.

Please be sure to acknowledge Sea Grant support when presentations are made. This visibility has become increasingly important to us and is a courtesy we take seriously.


Costs for Journal Articles
Note that any anticipated/typical costs for journal articles should be included in your project budget when submitted to California Sea Grant.

Attributions to California Sea Grant
Sea Grant-funded (or supported) projects require attribution and funding acknowledgement. This page offers Sea Grant logos and guidance for attributions and disclaimers regarding funding from Sea Grant.


Reporting Requirements

Congratulations on receiving a grant or fellowship through California Sea Grant. As a funding recipient, you have additional opportunities and are responsible to abide by a number of guidelines and requirements to ensure continuation of your grant.

Reporting: Progress Reports and Final Reports are extremely important for describing the impacts, accomplishments, products, and outreach that were accomplished during the life of a project. All funded projects must submit reports according to their assigned schedule.

Informational webinar

Watch the 2018 annual reporting webinar held on January 24, 2019. Access the presentation slides here.