Need help with reporting?


  • It is recommended that you prepare text portions in your word processor and COPY and PASTE into the text areas on your web form.
  • Please don't use hard returns at the end of every line, use them to indicate the end of a paragraph or some extra space for emphasis.
  • If the form is successfully submitted, a CONFIRMATION NUMBER will return to your browser window. This confirmation number should also be emailed to the preparer email address entered in the form. PLEASE SAVE THIS NUMBER for tracking purposes.
  • Web form and report content questions should be addressed to: 


  • The indicated character-count includes punctuation, soft and hard returns, spaces, and hidden characters.
  • Do not use special formatting (e.g., bold, italics, underlining), Greek letters, mathematical symbols, double or single smart quotes.
  • DO NOT USE your web browser's BACK and FORWARD buttons; this might cause the form to clear, resulting in a loss of your information.
  • USE the form navigation buttons at the bottom of the page
  • If you have corrections, navigate back with the buttons at the bottom of the page, make changes, and select the REVIEW button again. Continue this process until no errors are reported.
  • Select the navigation button to return to the page where that question appears.
  • When the form has NO ERRORS, the SUBMIT button will be active.


  • For navigation, use the links in the tabs to jump from section to section
  • If an edit link appears in a section, you may click that link to make changes in that section.
  • At this time, the online progress report only accepts a subset (ASCII) of the standard Western European character encoding (ISO 8859-1). Greek letters, mathematical symbols, double or single smart quotes, among other non-standard characters, will be replaced with underscores ("_") when saved to file.
  • If the field has a "B" and "I" button above it, you can format text by highlighting that text and clicking on these icons.