Local seafood availability and benefits


It's hard to find locally-sourced seafood, yet there are so many benefits

Availability of San Diego-sourced seafood in markets and restaurants is relatively low

The availability of San Diego-sourced seafood in the city's seafood markets and restaurants was relatively low, with only 8% of markets and 14% of restaurants consistently carrying hometown product, and almost all of it limited to within 2-km of the coast. Potential limitations on local seafood access include relatively small fishing fleets, the prevalence of imported seafood, a lack of waterfront and urban infrastructure needed to support a local industry, and a lack of public awareness about local fisheries and products.

Why buy San Diego-sourced commercial seafood?

Eating local supports the supply of environmentally-friendly, economically-smart, safe and healthy, socially-just seafood!

Environmentally responsible. Lower carbon footprints due to fewer food miles and less processing; Some of the strictest regulations in the world on catch limits and habitat protections; Bolstered stewardship of the natural resources providing our food.

Boosts our local economy. Imports are often cheap due to underpaid labor and a general lack of regulations overseas, and undervalued global transport. Buying local supports fair jobs all along our food supply chain. Although this may result in lower availability and higher prices of local products, we get consistently high marks for sustainability and quality.

Healthy and safe food. Locally sourced means fresher product, and we have some of the strictest health and safety regulations in the world ensuring the security of fresh, healthy seafood for our community and of the people who bring it to us.

Coastal identity. Buying local and direct strengthens relationships between San Diego’s long line of seafood harvesters and our proud coastal community, which sustains our historic coastal heritage, highlights our identity, and heightens our culinary uniqueness.

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