Fishermen's Markets in California


Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, San Diego (Image: J. Houston)
Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, San Diego (Image: J. Houston)

Fishermen's markets are the place to go to meet your local fishermen and their families and buy fresh, responsibly-caught seafood. Most markets may close earlier than their stated closing time if goods sell out, so get there early and bring your cooler.

Check out the fishermen's market in your area, and get to #KnowYourFishermen!

Tuna Harbor Dockside Market in San Diego is open Saturdays from 8 am until 1 pm.

Driscoll's Wharf Market in San Diego is open Fridays from 8 am until 4 pm.

Newport Harbor Historic Dory Fleet Fish Market in Newport Beach is open Wed-Fri 6:30 am- 12 pm, and Sat-Sun 5:30 am - 12 pm.  

Ventura Harbor Saturday Fisherman's Market in Ventura is open Saturdays from 8 - 11 am.

Santa Barbara Saturday Fisherman's Market in Santa Barbara is open Saturdays from 6 - 11 am

Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association in Half Moon Bay where fishermen sell daily off the boat upon returning to the harbor - call the harbor to hear the daily updated message about arriving boats. 

Noyo Harbor Fish Market in Fort Bragg is generally open Sundays from 10 am - 2 pm but dates & times vary so please check their website for an up-to-date schedule.

To learn more about California's Producer-to-Consumer Direct Markets, including off-the-boat/ at-the-farm sales and farmers' markets, please visit our interactive California Seafood Market story map!

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