2021 California Sea Grant State Fellows Announced

The fellowship opportunity provides unparalleled hands-on training at the interface of science, communication, policy, and management.
Nick Sadrpour

California Sea Grant welcomes 23 recipients into the prestigious 2021 State Fellowship. This opportunity provides fellows with unparalleled and hands-on training at the interface of science, communication, policy, and management at either a municipal, state, or federal host agency in California for one year. 

The 2021 State Fellows represent 14 agencies and organizations throughout California. The fellowships will continue to be transformed by COVID-19 regulations in different ways based on where they are placed, and many fellows will engage remotely. All will continue to have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in their fields.

“I am excited to see the opportunities awaiting the 2021 State Fellows,” says California Sea Grant Director Shauna Oh. “They bring multifaceted backgrounds and experiences, and the fellowship program will provide them with training and knowledge to jumpstart their careers in coastal and marine policy. Thanks to our growing network of California agencies, this program prepares some of the best young minds to become future leaders in coastal and marine policy.” 

This group of fellows brings diverse experience in the realms of environmental policy and management, marine and watershed science, biology and ecology, fishery and aquaculture regulation marine biodiversity and conservation, sustainable seafood, resource management, environmental systems, stormwater runoff management, sea-level rise adaptation, and coastal climate change adaptation. 

2021 State Fellows Agencies

  • Jordan Alejo: State Water Resources Control Board - Division of Water Quality, Sustainable Water Plans and Policies
  • Kathryn Beheshti: California Ocean Protection Council- Climate Change
  • Chase Brewster: California Department of Transportation-- Environmental Engineer, Water Quality and Special Projects
  • Corey Clatterbuck: State Water Resources Control Board - Office of Information Management and Analysis
  • Sarah Farnsworth: Delta Stewardship Council - Planning and Performance Division
  • Jennifer Fields: California State Coastal Conservancy- Climate Ready
  • Sandra Fogg: California Ocean Protection Council - Marine Protected Areas Program
  • Cristina Graciano: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) - Stormwater
  • Karen V. Gutierrez: Delta Science Program - Science Communication, Synthesis, and Decision Support Unit
  • Laura Hollander: California State Coastal Conservancy - Coastal Restoration
  • Corinna Hong: California Fish and Game Commission
  • Margarita McInnis: California State Lands Commission: Science Team/Coastal Resilience/Tribal & Environmental Justice
  • Dana Michels: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)- Environmental Engineer, Water Quality and Special Projects
  • Jennica Moffat: Delta Science Program - Science-Based Adaptive Management Unit
  • Hanna Payne: California Coastal Commission- Climate Change
  • Oceane Ringuette: California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) - Natural Resources Division, Coastal Programs Unit 
  • Alison Rowe: Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Amanda Russell: Port of San Diego: Planning, Environment, and Government Relations Division
  • Emily Ryznar: Delta Science Program - Collaborative Science and Peer Review Unit
  • June Shrestha: NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
  • Alexandra Thomsen: San Francisco Estuary Partnership
  • Kevin Travis: California Ocean Science Trust (OST)
  • Stephanie Webb: State Water Resources Control Board - Division of Water Quality: Ocean Standards Unit