Research Projects

Project Number Title Focus Area Start / End Date
R/RCCE-05 Frameworks for managing the known vulnerability from sea-level rise to bluff erosion and exposure of Humboldt Bay nuclear power plant’s spent nuclear fuel storage site Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies -
A/EA-31 Assess feasibility of native species aquaculture: Identification of candidate species and sources of brood/seedstock and propagules Education, Training and Public Information, Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture -
E/PD-21 Predicting spatio-temporal shifts in larval fish abundance in the eastern Pacific using Bayesian hierarchical modeling -
R/HCEOPC-14 Conservation genomics and gametophyte banking of bull kelp in California -
R/HCEOPC-13 Assessment of practical methods for re-establishment of northern California bull kelp populations at an ecologically relevant scale Healthy Coastal Ecosystems -
R/HCEOPC-18 Where, when and how? A guide to kelp restoration in California using spatio-temporal models of kelp dynamics Healthy Coastal Ecosystems -
R/HCE-17 Scaling a new cost-effective intervention tool to restore and future-proof coastal kelp forests Healthy Coastal Ecosystems -
R/HCE-15 A multi-pronged approach to kelp recovery along California’s north coast Healthy Coastal Ecosystems -
R/HCE-16 Informing restoration and recovery of central coast kelp forests – understanding the dynamics of urchin recruitment, reproduction, and density Healthy Coastal Ecosystems -
A/AE-39P Fish to Families Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture -