Photo of Capistrano Beach spring tide flooding by Laura Engeman

California King Tides of the New Year


For those looking to experience King Tides, mark your calendars for January 21-22, 2023! 

The term King Tide refers to the most extreme tides of the year, both high and low.  Every month, tides are at their highest and lowest when the earth, moon, and sun are in alignment and we have a full or new moon. This is known as a spring tide.  A few times a year, when this coincides with the moon coming its closest to the earth, we see the largest tides, known as Perigean Spring Tides or King Tides.  To learn more about this phenomenon, see our King Tides webpage


What time can I see King Tides at my shoreline?

The highest and lowest tides are expected to occur on January 21-22, 2023.  The timing of these tides varies across California. To see the most accurate forecast for tides in your area, check your nearest tide station information at this website hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

For those heading out to see the high tides, please exercise caution as the high tides combined with waves can mean more dangerous conditions at the beach.  For the tide pool curious, plan a trip around the lowest tide of the day as a great family activity.  Or participate in one of these King Tide educational events happening around the state. 


What can King Tides show us about future sea level rise and coastal flooding risks?

King Tides and spring tides can result in minor to moderate flooding hazards especially when they coincide with large waves.  Areas where flooding often occurs during King Tides also represent the coastal areas most vulnerable to flooding from sea level rise.   For more information on King Tides and how they relate to sea level rise impacts in San Diego, read this article in the San Diego Union-Tribune by Laura Engeman, one of our Coastal Resilience Extension Specialists.


How Can I Help Track Flooding in My Community?

To contribute the State’s records of flooding during these extreme tides, simply take a photo and submit it to the California King Tides Project at: