2015 Presidential Migratory Bird Stewardship Awarded

California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Joe Tyburczy shares honors with research partners
May 29, 2015
Media Contact— Caitlin Coomber / ccoomber@ucsd.edu / 858-534-0580

California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Joe Tyburczy is sharing national honors for contributing to award-winning work that greatly reduces seabird bycatch in long-line fisheries.

Tyburczy worked with project lead Ed Melvin of Washington Sea Grant and partner researchers from NOAA, Oregon State University, Oregon Sea Grant, and other federal, tribal, and fishing-industry partners. The research project received the 2015 Presidential Migratory Bird Stewardship Award, recognizing the work to prevent migratory seabird mortality in the U.S. West Coast Groundfish longline fishery and for outstanding efforts on behalf of bird conservation.

Tyburczy is focused on conducting collaborative, applied research to fill gaps in knowledge that will promote sustainable use of marine resources, environmental conservation, and long-term security and prosperity of coastal communities – especially those along California’s north coast. One major emphasis of Joe’s work is collaborative fisheries research, including this project to reduce bycatch of albatrosses and other seabirds in the black cod longline fishery.

About California Sea Grant

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