Name Year Fellow Type Host Agency
Rossi, Devon Fellow California Fish and Game Commission
Saffarinia, Parsa Fellow, Delta Delta Science Program
Sandstrom, Philip Fellow
Savoca, Matthew Fellow, Alumni, Funded Researcher
Scharnhorst, Beverly Fellow State Water Resources Control Board - Division of Water Quality: Ocean Standards Unit
Schmidt, Calla Fellow
Shafiee, Ali Fellow
Sharma, Priyanka Fellow
Shrader, Jeffrey Fellow
Smith, Conner Fellow California Ocean Protection Council (OPC)
Smith, Katherine Fellow
Spitzer, Megan Fellow, State Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
Starkey, Lark Fellow
Stella, Alexandra Fellow Delta Science Program Collaborative Science and Peer Review Unit
Sturrock, Anna Fellow
Suglia, Elena Fellow California State Water Resources Control Board - Office of Information Management and Analysis
Sylvana Robles, Chanel Fellow, State Monterey Bay Aquarium
Talley, Maxwell "Max" Fellow
Tate-Pulliam, Elishebah Fellow Delta Science Program
Thow, Catie Fellow California State Coastal Conservancy
Torres, Tanya Fellow NOAA Marine Debris Program
Urbisci, Laura Fellow
Wallace, Kaira Fellow, State Delta Science Program - Science-Based Adaptive Management Unit
Warner, Kellan Fellow California State Coastal Conservancy
Waterhouse, Lynn Fellow
Watson, Lilianna Fellow Monterey Bay Aquarium
Weeks, Maya Fellow, State California Ocean Science Trust (OST)
Weidenfeld, Jessica Fellow Delta Stewardship Council - Delta Science Program Science Communication, Synthesis, and Decision Support Unit
Weiskel, Heidi Fellow
Wells, Michael Fellow California State Lands Commission
Whicker, Dane Fellow Delta Stewardship Council Planning and Performance Division
Wickliff, Charnelle Fellow, State
Williams, Megan Fellow California Ocean Protection Council
Winder, Monika Fellow
Wu, Qingfang Fellow