Managing Your Delta Science Fellowship

Managing Your Award

No-cost Extension and/or Rebudget
Acknowledgment of Support and Logos
Final Expense Report
Conditions of Award

No-cost Extension and/or Rebudget

No-Cost Extension

The effective dates are specified on the award allocation issued by California Sea Grant. As stated in the Request for Applications, no-cost time extensions will not be possible due to funding source constraints.

Rebudget (Transfer of Funds)

Prior approval from California Sea Grant is required if cumulative transfers between categories exceed 10% of the originally approved total Sea Grant project costs or if funds are being transferred into any category where funds were not originally budgeted. Please send your request to, address the email to Dr. Shauna Oh, and include the following in your message:

1) The relevant grant number: 21045
2) The California Sea Grant project number (e.g., R/SF-50)
3) Your campus account and fund numbers and/or purchase order number
4) The original and new budget by line item in spreadsheet format as follows:

CategoryBudgetRebudgetNew Budget
Fellowship stipend45,000045,000
Indirect Cost @ 25%4,00004,000
Total Costs65,000065,000

Acknowledgment of Support and Logos

The grantee is responsible for assuring that an acknowledgment of Council support is made in any publication (including webpages) of any material based on or developed under this project, in the following terms:

This material is based upon work supported by the Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program under Grant No. (21045). The contents of this material do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Delta Stewardship Council, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.
Council support also must be orally acknowledged during all news media interviews, including popular media such as radio, television and news magazines.

Disclaimer: The Grantee is responsible for assuring that every publication of material (including World Wide Web pages) based on or developed under this award, except scientific articles or papers appearing in scientific, technical or professional journals, contains the following disclaimer:

"Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Delta Stewardship Council.


Delta Stewardship Council Notification: The grantee is responsible for assuring that the Delta Science Program is notified about publication of material based on or developed under this award and provided access to electronic copies promptly after publication.


Additional guidance for Publications Provisions can be found in Exhibit A of Conditions of Award.


California Sea Grant Logo









All required quarterly, annual, and final technical reports will be solicited and completed through our online proposal system eSeaGrant. This interface includes a section that allows uploads of short descriptions of project work during the reporting period. This form may include questions that do not directly tie into a specific Delta Science project, but do tie into the annual goals and objectives of the California Sea Grant Program. Please answer as many questions as possible.

An eSeagrant username and password are required to log into the report interface. If you have forgotten your eSeagrant password, there is a link on the login page to retrieve the password.


Patent Report: All potentially patentable ideas, inventions, discoveries or improvements made during the grant term must be disclosed promptly.

The Sea Grant Property/Inventions/Patents/Royalties report included in the package requesting technical reports should be signed and returned to the California Sea Grant office. In addition, UCSD fellows or mentors to whom this applies should download, complete and submit this form.
Other UC investigators should go to the Office of the President’s website for forms and contact information concerning the Technology Transfer office at their campus. 

Final Expense Report

The Delta Science Final Expense Report is due within 45 days following the completion of the project and should be sent to

Conditions of Award


Budget Questions

Carol Bailey-Sumber

Reporting and eSeaGrant Questions