Invasive Aquatic Plants: What Every Plant Enthusiast Needs to Know

Invasive plants are becoming a widespread problem in aquatic and wetland habitats throughout North America. Once introduced, these plants can displace native plants, which are important sources of food and shelter for wildlife. Ecological processes, such as oxygen production, may also change because invasive plants can affect water chemistry and flow. Unrestricted invasions can block drainage pipes, impede navigation, and hinder commercial and recreational fishing. This brochure offers suggestions to water gardeners about how they can help prevent the spread of invasive species, and information about characteristics of invasives, vectors of spread, the most wanted list, and how to prevent the spread of invasive plants.

Publication Number: IISG-01-22
Author: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
Product Type: Paper
Language: English
Copyright Date: 2001
Length: 4pp.