Collaborative Fisheries Research West Final Report

Since its establishment in 2010, Collaborative Fisheries Research West (CFR West) has united the experience of fishermen, the ingenuity of scientists, and the dedication of fishery managers to solve our toughest challenges. For an industry that provides $231 million in annual revenue, 145,000 jobs, and impacts 800 miles of coastline – sound fishery management is critical to California’s economic and environmental future.

CFR West was launched when the Ocean Protection Council and Resources Legacy Fund Foundation convened dozens of fishery experts in Oakland, California in 2008. Their enthusiasm for a collaborative approach to fisheries research led to the founding of CFR West, intended to leverage the practical knowledge held by the fishing community and strengthen the science behind marine resource management. In collaboration with California Sea Grant, CFR West has identified, funded and administered 15 projects on topics ranging from gear design to seafood marketing.