Monitoring Salmon and Steelhead in the Russian River

SGEP Advisor Paul Olin and staff operate an ongoing monitoring program in the Russian River basin to document in-stream survival of juvenile coho, outmigration of smolts, and returns of adult fish. Efforts are primarily focused on  the Russian River Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program. Rearing and stocking of Broodstock Program fish is conducted by program partners at the Warms Springs Hatchery and Sea Grant biologists conduct seasonal monitoring activities, following the coho salmon life stages:

Innovative PIT tag technology allows biologists to collect data on fish numbers, movement, and distribution at all life stages. This technology has been an invaluable tool for monitoring coho in the Russian River basin.

Additional projects

Dr. Olin and his staff are working collaboratively on additional projects and specialized research related to the status and biology of Russian River salmonids. See the following pages for more information:

The Broodstock Program monitoring effort is funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Additional studies are funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and California Department of Fish and Wildlife, with contributions from and the Sonoma County Water Agency. All of our work is made possible through the gracious support of hundreds of private landowners throughout the Russian River watershed.

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