Quantifying the Atmospheric and Hydrologic Carbon Fluxes in a Restored Tidal Saltwater Marsh and Understanding the Drivers of the Carbon Exchange

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This project aims to improve understanding of atmospheric and hydrologic carbon fluxes in a restored tidal salt marsh in the South San Francisco Bay. I will use soil chambers to measure how much carbon dioxide and methane is taken in and emitted from the marsh. The project will also examine how spatial variability in marsh surface cover impact these exchanges.

Shahan will use the data collected in this study to create a biogeochemical model that estimates the carbon budgets of wetlands in the Bay-Delta. A complete carbon budget will illuminate relationships between carbon fluxes and environmental variables. This information can support more informed management of wetlands, as well as allow researchers and decision makers to more effectively plan wetland restoration to be effective in managing carbon fluxes in the face of possible impacts due to climate change.



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profile photo of Julie Shahan Julie Shahan
California State University, East Bay (CSU East Bay) -- previously CSU Hayward