Behavioral-physical regulation of nearshore retention and cross-shelf transport of fish larvae in a network of marine reserves

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Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Our limited understanding of larval connectivity between Marine Protected Areas (MPA) was perhaps the biggest impediment to designing the California’s MPA network to fulfill the Marine Life Protect Act. This project will determine the extent to which interspecific differences in larval behavior affect cross-shelf transport of a diverse assemblage of ecologically, commercially and recreationally important fishes across an upwelling cell (Point Arena) where the potential for offshore transport is greatest. The results may help assist in forecasting fishery harvests, modeling marine populations and evaluating the effectiveness of MPA networks. Results will be transferred to the Monitoring Enterprise of the Ocean Science Trust and shared through NMFS and the Bodega Marine Lab website and visitor video display.

Principal Investigators
Steven G. Morgan
Bodega Marine Laboratory
Co-principal Investigators
John Largier
Bodega Marine Laboratory