Time for a Change: Alternatives to Copper-Based Boat Bottom Paint

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Video content is based on a series of research and education projects conducted by Marine Advisor Leigh T. Johnson and Program Representative Jamie A. Gonzalez, California Sea Grant Extension Program (SGEP), where copper-based hull paints have caused levels of dissolved copper in bays to be above EPA limits. The 30-minute documentary, in both English and Spanish, was produced in cooperation with the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Communication Services and SGEP. Information intended for boat owners, repair and maintenance businesses; marine, yacht club, port and harbor managers; government and regulatory agencies and policy makers; marine and environmental organizations

Publication Number: T-055
Author: L.T. Johnson and J.A. Gonzalez 
Product Type: DVD
Language: English
Copyright Date: 2004
No longer available for purchase. To borrow a copy please contact the National Sea Grant Library