Taxonomy of Economic Seaweeds (Volume I)

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Keys are provided to all Pacific species of the widely distributed "Sargassum" subgenus "Bactrophycus" (Phaeophyta), common Pacific species within the Gelidiales (Rhodophyta), species of "Polycavernosa" (Rhodophyta), and to economically important species of the red algae "Eucheuma" and "Gracilaria". Descriptions, geographic distribution, keys, and references to the most important or abundant economic species in these genera from the floras of Chile, Gulf of California, the Caribbean, California, Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan, Japan, and China are also given. A list of "Gracilaria" species from the Philippines is included. Several new species are described. New keys to Japanese species of "Gracilaria" and a translation from the Chinese of a key to the species of "Gracilaria" are provided.

Editor: Abbott, Isabella A.
Co-editor: Norris, James N.
Product Type: Paperback
Language: English
Copyright Date: 1985
Length: 167pp.
Source Citation: "Results of an international workshop," Guam, June 15-20, 1984.

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