Seven Years of Shifting Baselines

Shifting Baselines Ocean Media Project
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“Shifting Baselines in the Tijuana Tide” is a 5-minute video from the Shifting Baselines Ocean Media Project, which addresses the ocean conservation problems from the highly polluted Tijuana River. This limited edition is designed especially for teachers and includes both English and Spanish language versions, as well as other ocean conservation videos developed by Shifting Baselines( Shifting Baselines brings together ocean conservationists and filmmakers in an effort to communicate the problems to wider audiences. It is based at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and has more than 20 partner groups, including co-founding partners Scripps and Surfrider Foundation.

Publication Number: NA
Authors: Shifting Baselines Ocean Media Project
Product Type: DVD
Language: English and Spanish
Copyright Date: 2009
Length: 5-minutes (Shifting Baselines in the Tijuana Tide)