Making Dollars and Sense of Nontoxic Antifouling Strategies for Boats

L.T. Johnson and J.A. Gonzalez
Publication Date

The booklet is based on a study mandated by Senate Bill 315 on the economics of switching to nontoxic boat bottom coatings in San Diego Bay. It was funded by the California Sea Grant College Program, California Department of Boating and Waterways, California State Water Resources Control Board, US EPA, County of San Diego, and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.

- Information on what to consider if switching to nontoxic coatings
- A worksheet to calculate costs of using copper and nontoxic coatings
- Durability of and hull preparation necessary for nontoxic coatings
- Summary of San Diego Bay boater survey of economic incentives
- Policy instruments for making an economical transition to nontoxic bottom coatings

Publication Number: T-052
Author: L.T. Johnson and J.A. Gonzalez
Product Type: Paperback
Language: English
Copyright Date: 2004
Length: 23pp.