IPM for Boats: Integrated Pest Management for Hull Fouling in Southern California Coastal Marinas

Culver, Johnson, Lande
Publication Date

This 28-page illustrated technical report introduces integrated Pest Management (IPM) for fouling control on recreational boats. IPM has been applied successfully for pest control in agriculture and buildings. It seeks to reduce the need for toxic chemicals by using a combination of tactics, such as mechanical, physical, cultural and chemical in a strategy that is tailored to the individual boat or marina and updated over time. The report also presents results of research on the influence of hull-coating types and age of hull-cleaning practices on fouling growth. Finally, the report profiles seven aggressive, copper-tolerant, hull-fouling "species of concern" that includes invasive and other species found in the research. Although this report and supporting research are aimed at fouling control for recreational boats in South-Central and Southern California, the principles of "IPM for Boats" can be adapted for use in other areas.

Publication Number: T-074 
Author: Carolynn S. Culver, Leigh T. Johnson and Michelle D. Lande 
Product Type: Paperback
Language: English
Copyright Date: 2012 
Length: 28pp.