Fisheries Habitat Characterization of the California Continental Margin

H. G. Greene et al
Publication Date

This set of 4 DVDs and 1 CD distinguishes marine benthic habitats along the California Continental margin from previously proprietary industry data. The DVDs contain GIS data and user notes covering selected areas in Northern, Central, and Southern California. The CD contains the researchers' narrative report and a PowerPoint presentation that explains how the researchers interpreted source data and created the maps. It can be used for educational purposes. The data set resulting from this project makes up the initial stages of building both a database and a series of habitat maps that can be used by fishery scientists, policy makers and resource managers for planning and implementing fish habitat programs. Invaluable information is provided on the conditions of the seafloor in areas of interest for fisheries management and both living and nonliving resource evaluation. This data set forms the base maps upon which all other parameters may be overlaid and compared.

Publication Number: T-053
Author: H. G. Greene et al
Product Type: DVD
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1-888691-12-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-888691-12-2
Copyright Date: 2004

Out of print

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