Fisheries and Working Waterfronts

Commercial fisheries continue to be an important component of the California economy, with fisheries of the Santa Barbara Channel region ranked third out of the nine marine regions of California in terms of production and value. However, significant challenges have arisen in association with dramatic changes in the management and perceptions of fisheries. SGEP Advisor Carrie Culver has been addressing challenges facing local fishing communities, working waterfronts and resource managers as they try to maintain fisheries that are sustainable both in terms of the resources and the communities that rely on them. Her recent work includes:

A study of fisheries and working waterfront issues,  Culver, C.S., J.B. Richards and C.M. Pomeroy. 2007. Commercial Fisheries of the Santa Barbara Channel & Assoc. Infrastructure Needs. California Sea Grant College Program. No. T-062. 100 pp. 

"What is the future of commercial fisheries in the Santa Barbara Channel? To help answer that question, the authors analyzed the recent history of the fisheries and related facilities and services, and recommend changes that could improve the viability of the fishing industry. The report describes the environmental, regulatory and economic challenges affecting the fisheries, provides profiles of the top three fisheries in the region and discusses anticipated changes."