Research Projects

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Project Number Title Focus Area Start/End Datesort ascending
Principal Investigators: Kenji Murata
Co-principal Investigators: Serge Doroshov, Fred Conte
Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture 2008-02 to 2011-01
R/CONT-206 Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies 2008-02 to 2011-01
R/CONT-205 Healthy Coastal Ecosystems 2008-02 to 2011-01
R/OPCENV-08 Healthy Coastal Ecosystems 2007-12 to 2012-02
Principal Investigators: Heidi Weiskel
Co-principal Investigators: None
Education, Training and Public Information 2007-10 to 2012-02
R/SF-22 Education, Training and Public Information 2007-06 to 2012-08