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Executive Summary

Federal Agency Name(s): Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce

Funding Opportunity Title: Fiscal Year 2018 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowships in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics

Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-OAR-SG-2018-2005442

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number(s): 11.417, Sea Grant Support

Dates: Applications are due to the appropriate State Sea Grant Program . The deadline for application to California Sea Grant is 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, January 26, 2018. The State Sea Grant Program must transmit the application via Grants.gov so that it is received by the National Sea Grant Office (NSGO) by 5:00 pm, Eastern Time February 23, 2018. Facsimile transmission and electronic mail submission of applications will not be accepted.

Funding Opportunity Description: The Fellowship Program expects to award at least three new PhD Fellowships in 2018 to students who are interested in careers related to marine ecosystem and population dynamics, with a focus on modeling and managing systems of living marine resources. The emphasis will be on the development and implementation of quantitative methods for assessing marine ecosystems, for assessing the status of fish, invertebrate, and other targeted species stocks and for assessing the status of marine mammals, seabirds, and other protected species.

Fellows will work on thesis problems of public interest and relevance to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) under the guidance of NMFS mentors at participating NMFS Science Centers or Offices.

The NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowship in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics meets NOAA's Healthy Oceans goal of "Marine fisheries, habitats, biodiversity sustained with healthy and productive ecosystems". The expected annual award per Fellow will be $46,000 (federal plus matching funds), jointly funded by NOAA Fisheries and Sea Grant.

Submission Information

All applications must come through the sponsoring Sea Grant office.

Application Deadline: January 26, 2018.

Please upload an electronic copy of all application items, with required signatures. The electronic version of your application must be submitted as PDFs using the California Sea Grant submission link:


If you have never used this website, you will need to register for an account. You can change the randomly-generated password once you log in successfully into the website.

Please make sure to include your last name in the file names for each section of the proposal (e.g., Smith_budget.pdf or Smith_cv.pdf). 


List of required elements for application

Required element Suggested File Name
Signed Title Page*
Please convert to PDF before submission.
Project Summary Form* 2_LastName_Summary.xls
Project Proposal (5-page limit) 3_LastName_Proposal.pdf

Budget and Budget Summary Forms
Please fill out a budget worksheet and include a budget justification for each year and a cumulative budget in eSeaGrant.


Budget Justification
Please fill out a budget worksheet and include a budget justification for each year and a cumulative budget in eSeaGrant

Curriculum Vitae of Applicant 5a_LastName_CV.pdf
Curriculum Vitae of Faculty Advisor 5b_LastName_CV.pdf
Curriculum Vitae of NMFS Mentor 5c_LastName_CV.pdf
Signed Letter of Commitment from NMFS Mentor 6_LastName_CommitLtr.pdf
Copies of all Undergraduate and Graduate Student Transcripts 7_LastName_Transcript.pdf
Summary of academic training in quantitative methods 8_LastName_training.pdf
Education and Career Goals Statement 9_LastName_Goal.pdf
Three Signed Letters of Recommendation 10_ LastName_RecLtrs.pdf
Proof of acceptance and enrollment/ or provisional acceptance letter in a graduate program in population dynamics, ecosystem dynamics or related field of study 11_LastName_AcceptLtr.pdf
Data sharing plan (not to exceed two pages) or statement* that "no environmental data will be generated" 12_LastName_DataSharingPlan.pdf
Abbreviated Environmental Questionnaire 13_LastName_Env_Questionnaire.pdf