Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020

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02/16/2020 (All day) to 02/21/2020 (All day)
San Diego, CA

Join California Sea Grant at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego. Find our staff members at the NOAA Sea Grant booth (#143) to learn about fellowship, research, and job opportunities with California Sea Grant and other Sea Grant programs around the country. 

California Sea Grant-funded researcher presentations 

Spatial Patterns in Nearshore Juvenile Fish Abundance throughout the California Network of Marine Protected Areas as Revealed by Seabird Diet​
Dan Robinette from Point Blue will present results of a MPA baseline monitoring research project funded by California Ocean Protection Council and California Sea Grant. 

Monday Feb 17, 8:48-9:00am

Seasonal to interannual variability of San Francisco Bay Plume from space

SFSU researcher Piero Mazzini presents preliminary results from a California Sea Grant-funded research project to better understand the San Francisco Bay Plume (SFBP) is an understudied, human-impacted river plume, which influences an extremely complex and ecologically important region, the Gulf of the Farallones, located in the California north central coast.

CP14C-1084 (Posters)
Monday Feb 17, 4-6pm

Changing Ocean Chemistry on the US West Coast: From Knowledge to Action
UC Davis researcher Tessa Hill will present an overview of a new project funded by the California Ocean Protection Council to identify where organisms are most vulnerable to ocean acidification and related stressors along the U.S. West Coast.

Tuesday Feb 18, 2-2:15pm

Trophic transfer of domoic acid: trophic niche proxies of the main vectors and predators affected in central California
This poster, by Moss Landing Marine Laboratories student Sophie Bernstein, highlights results from a Sea Grant-funded research project, reports on novel techniques to identify locations sourcing domoic acid in Monterey Bay, California and routes of toxin transfer. 

CP24G-1222 - Poster session
Tuesday Feb 18, 4-6pm

From Microbes to Mammals: Using Environmental DNA Sequencing to Advance Marine Biomonitoring and Management

Environmental DNA sequencing represents an increasingly critical tool for conducting rapid biodiversity assessments across diverse marine habitats. Holly Bik, who was funded by California Sea Grant for a project on Environmental DNA to assess estuarine health, is convening a session of talks and a poster session. 

ME33A - Wednesday Feb 19, 2-4pm (talks)
ME34C - Wednesday Feb 19, 4-6pm (posters)

Integrated ocean observing systems for assessing marine protected areas across California
This presentation will introduce objectives and preliminary results from a new project, funded by the California Ocean Protection Council and California Sea Grant  to monitor California marine protected areas.

​OD44D-3523 - SDCC - Poster Hall C-D
Thursday Feb 20, 4-6pm

Behavior Regulates Larval Dispersal for Nearshore Marine Fish Species in an Upwelling Region
Hellen Killeen of UC Santa Cruz presents results from a California Sea Grant-funded study on  larval fish distributions off the central coast of California, where seasonal upwelling creates a highly advective environment.  They report distinct behavioral patterns regulating larval dispersal along and across the continental shelf for a diverse group of species.

Friday Feb 21, 11:45-12

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