Managing Hull-Borne Invasive Species and Coastal Water Quality for California and Baja California Boats Kept in Saltwater


This report incorporates information from scientific literature, legal reviews, research on anti-fouling strategies, and comments by clientele and colleagues of the California Sea Grant Extension Program.

It focuses on invasive species transported on hulls of boats kept in saltwater. Although primarily relating to California and Baja California, information from other areas has been included to provide context.

The work is intended to assist the following groups in cooperating to prevent and control introductions of aquatic invasive species (AIS) on hulls of boats, while protecting coastal water quality:

• boat owners;
• boat maintenance, repair and coating businesses;
• port, harbor, marina and yacht club managers;
• scientists;
• policy makers
• government agencies
• environmental organizations

Publication Number: T-61
Author: Leigh Johnson, Jamie Gonzalez, Cesar Alvarez, Miki Takada, Amber Himes
Product Type: CD and PDF 
Language: English
Copyright Date: 2006
Length: 152pp.