Fishery Resources of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Recent fishery collapses in many parts of the world have increased public concern over the health of our vital marine resources. This publication attempts to examine the status of fisheries in the Monterey Bay region of central California. But even within this one area, the task proves to be complex. Close to 200 species of fishes and invertebrates are harvested in commercial and recreational fisheries in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. And the status of each fishery (and, by extension, the health of fish populations) is influenced by numerous social, economic, environmental, and biological variables.

The publication summarizes for a general audience the information and technical concepts that fisheries scientists use to estimate the population sizes of harvested species. It provides a comprehensive description of important species, describes environmental factors affecting fish populations, and examines the issues challenging fisheries resource management today.

Publication Number: T-042
Author: Richard M. Starr, Korie A. Johnson, Edward A. Laman and Gregor A. Cailliet
Product Type: Paperback
Language: English
Copyright Date: 1998
Length: 80pp.

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