California's Living Marine Resources: A Status Report

This 592-page spiral-bound reference provides a baseline of information for all those involved with managing living marine resources in California and chronicles changes that have occurred in many of the state’s fisheries since the prior (1992) report.

Organized by marine ecosystems: bays and estuaries, nearshore and offshore. Includes illustrated species descriptions with details of biological knowledge, fishery history, landings data, population status and references.

The reference book also includes sections on marine birds and mammals and appendices containing management considerations (by species), a glossary of technical terms and acronyms, and fishing gear illustrations.

Jointly produced by the California Sea Grant Extension Program and the California Department of Fish and Game following the passage of the Marine Life Protection Act in January 1999.

Publication Number: SG01-11
Editors: William S. Leet, Christopher M. Dewees, Richard Klingbell and Eric J. Larson 
Product Type: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1-879906-57-0
Copyright Date: 2001
Length: 50pp.
Price: $5.50 


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