Nearshore Substrate Mapping and Change Analysis Using Historical and Contemporary Multi-Spectral Aerial Imagery

Start/End: January, 2012 to June, 2015

Scientists with San Diego-based Ocean Imaging Corp. are mapping intertidal and, to a lesser extent, subtidal habitats in the South Coast study region, using multi-spectral images collected in the red, green, blue and near infrared bands. These imaging data are being combined with bathymetric maps, produced using LiDAR data collected by Fugro EarthData for a California Coastal Conservancy-funded project. The result is the ability to map sandy beaches, surf-grass meadows, kelp canopies, algae-covered rocks and bare-rock habitats at 1-meter resolutions. In the project’s final year, raw image data files (calibrated and mosaicked) and GIS-compatible substrate classification files, among other metadata packages, will be made publicly available the MPA Monitoring Enterprise’s data server and on DVD.