Healthy Ocean, Healthy City Program

Strengthening local food supply chains by facilitating local, diverse and native seafood

Despite California’s strong geographic and cultural ties to the adjacent, species-rich ocean, a majority of seafood sold originates from outside its waters. Even most locally farmed species are introduced from outside of the eastern Pacific. The high demand of relatively few species results in specialization of take or production, which may not be sustainable for the fishery, the farm or the associated ecosystems.

Strengthening our connections to local seafood producers and to sources of seafood that are local and diverse would improve human health and wellness, environmental stewardship, awareness of the economic and cultural importance of coastal livelihoods, and ecosystem functioning and stability.

  1. California Seafood Profiles
  2. Local Seafood Availability in San Diego, California Seafood Markets
  3. Testing the feasibility of urban coastal direct seafood markets
  4. Facilitating the use of native bivalves and seaweeds in aquaculture
  5. Histories of San Diego's fisheries and farms

Co-principal Investigators

  • Nina Venuti
    University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography