Fishing Communities

California's fisheries have long played an important role in the state’s economy and coastal communities, providing livelihood, recreation and subsistence opportunities for fishermen and women, and healthful and fresh products to seafood consumers locally and globally. Over the last 30 years, fishery participants, their families, and the diverse shoreside businesses that support and depend on fisheries have been confronted by many challenges including dramatic changes in fisheries management, increased competition in the global marketplace, aging infrastructure, and increased demands for marine and waterfront space. SGEP Advisor Carrie Pomeroy conducts social science research, education and outreach to address information needs related to fisheries and fishing communities in the Monterey Bay area and statewide. The goal of her work is to provide sound social scientific information to support effective resource management and vibrant fishing communities. Her recent work includes:

Pomeroy, C., C. Thomson and M. Stevens. Online November 2011. Original Report August 2010. California's North Coast Fishing Communities: Historical Perspective and Recent Trends. California Sea Grant Technical Report T-072, La Jolla: California Sea Grant, 340 pp.

Pomeroy, C. and M. Stevens. 2008. Santa Cruz Harbor Commercial Fishing Community Profile. California Fishing Communities Project. University of California Sea Grant College Program T-066, San Diego, CA, 34 pp.

To purchase a print copy, click here:  Santa Cruz Harbor Commercial Fishing Community Profile

Other Research and Information

  • Algal blooms and eating sport-caught fish - May 2010
  • Opportunities and challenges of cooperation in the commons - December 2009
  • Big Challenges for the Salmon Fishing Community - May 2008
  • Santa Cruz Harbor: A "Pink Fish" Port - November 2007
  • Accounting for the fuller value of Monterey Bay area fisheries - July 2007
  • Focus on Fisheries at Monterey Bay Ports - January 2007
  • Focus on Fisheries: Those Bright Lights at Night - July 2006
  • What is a fishery? - January 2006

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