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Streamside Landowners are Key to Salmon and Steelhead Recovery

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The support of private landowners is critical to salmon and steelhead recovery, and we rely on permission from landowners to access all of our monitoring streams. If you are among the hundreds of landowners who have granted us access in the past, we are truly grateful to you! This program would not be possible without your cooperation. 

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We are currently renewing our agreements with thousands of streamside landowners throughout the watershed. The following letters and permits explain the nature of our monitoring and our access requests: 

In local news: Coho salmon recovery programs seek help from local landowners, Sonoma West, January 2019


Frequently Asked Questions about Access Agreements:

Q:  Do I have any say in the permit terms?
Yes. You can add a special written request to limit access in any way you like, specify acceptable dates or even limit access to certain partners. You can also request that we notify you before each survey. If you would like to discuss any concerns before filling out the permit, please feel free to contact us.

Q:  What activities are included under this permit?
Activities may include snorkel surveys, habitat assessment surveys, PIT-tag monitoring, temperature monitoring, flow surveys, electrofishing surveys, downstream migrant smolt monitoring, adult spawner surveys, fish rescues and barrier assessment. Activities are generally limited to a crew of two to four surveyors carrying hand-held instruments and covering a distance of a few hundred feet to a few miles of stream in a day, depending on the type of survey work. Fish rescues may involve up to eight people.

Q:  Does this permit allow regulatory visits by the agencies?
Absolutely not. Field visits covered under this agreement are not associated with any regulatory activity.

Q:  How will this impact my property?
Our activities will not have a significant impact to your property. All surveys are conducted in the stream channel and most landowners never even see us. Crews may pass through your property in as little as 10 minutes, unless you have a parcel with extensive stream frontage. If necessary, crews may need to walk across the property to the stream channel at the beginning or end of the survey section. If we need to park on your property we will ask you ahead of time.

Q:  Who will contact me?
Mariska Obedzinski (UC), or her staff, and Gregg Horton (Sonoma Water), or his staff, will contact you for fish and habitat monitoring activities. Derek Acomb (CDFW), or his staff, may contact you for fish rescues or habitat assessment.

Q:  Will monitoring activities definitely occur on my property?
No. There are hundreds of streams in the watershed and we can only survey dozens each year. While we intend to visit all reaches over time, the specific location and extent of stream reaches surveyed changes annually and ultimately depends on the future direction and resources of our programs.

For more information, please email or call 707-687-0996.