Hatchery Releases

Coho salmon are carefully spawned and reared for the Russian River Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program by our US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) partners at the Don Clausen Fish Hatchery at Warm Springs Dam. Program fish are reared using restoration hatchery techniques, then planted into select tributaries to the Russian River as juveniles (young-of-the-year and smolts). See the release summary table for total numbers stocked into each stream over time. 

For questions specific to hatchery rearing and fish releases, please email Ben White, at Benjamin.c.white@usace.army.mil.

Current releases

Fall 2018 proposed juvenile coho release plan for Russian River tributaries:

Stream # Released Release Date
Gilliam Creek 3,039 10/31/2018
Gray Creek 4,041 11/1/2018
East Austin Creek 4,152 11/6/2018
Devil Creek 3,035 11/7/2018
Austin Creek 4,157 11/9/2018
Palmer Creek 5,073 11/13/2018
Mill Creek 8,164 11/15-16/2018
Willow Creek 8,194 11/20-21/2018
Freezeout Creek 2,043 11/27/2018
Sheephouse Creek 3,038 11/28/2018
Porter Creek 5,100 12/4/2018
Dutch Bill Creek 7,100 12/5/2018
Green Valley Creek 7,100 12/6/2018
Purrington Creek 3,050 12/7/2018
Redwood Creek (Atascadero) 3,050 12/7/2018
Dry Creek 5,100 12/10/2018

Ben White (US Army Corps of Engineers) releasing young-of-the-year coho into Gray Creek.