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  • National Geographic
    August 19, 2015

    From CASG Extension Specialist Dr. Jennifer O'Leary:

    One single fisherman has made a tremendous contribution to conservation of the fished reefs in Mombasa. It is our responsibility to support Pascal in these efforts and capitalize on his knowledge by engaging others in restoration and knowledge sharing.

  • NPR
    June 11, 2015

    Theresa Sinicrope Talley, a coastal specialist with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, says local fishermen like Haworth are simply catching what's plentiful and pricing it to local demand.

    "They're trying to make this business work. They're aware," Talley says. "They don't want to harm the environment, either — their livelihood depends upon it."

  • ABC7
    April 17, 2015

    "What we are trying to do is count and see how many survived on the way to the ocean," said UC San Diego biologist Mariska Obedzinski. Obedzinski is a biologist with the UC San Diego and California Sea Grant, 

    It's a battle to save the smelt. They are one year old Coho salmon, almost all of them from state hatcheries, in a race this year against a drought that threatens to dry out their streams and landlock them. 

    "They cannot access the ocean. And so if they can't get out they are going to die. Then we lose that year of fish," said Obedzinski.

  • Bay Nature
    April 06, 2015

    By bringing cold water up to the surface, upwelling helps create conditions for the fog that often blankets San Francisco. Unfortunately, our understanding of ocean upwelling entering the Bay is just as cloudy.

    To track this upwelling water, John Largier, a researcher at UC Davis’s Bodega Marine Lab, and his lab have set up an elaborate two-year plan to collect as much data about it as they can, funded by a California Sea Grant.

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography
    March 02, 2015

    "We were surprised to learn that, based on specimens archived in the Scripps Marine Vertebrate Collection, 265 species of fishes representing 95 families have been collected in the immediate vicinity of La Jolla and its marine protected areas,” said Hastings. “That's over half of the entire marine ichthyofauna recorded from California waters.”

    The study, “Fishes of Marine Protected Areas Near La Jolla, California,” published in the Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences in December 2014, was funded by California Sea Grant and the Link Family Foundation.

  • California Sunday
    March 01, 2015

    What had drawn me to peek under California’s waves was not a great love of scuba, but something radical that California was trying to do with its ocean. Over the past 15 years the state has upended nearly every aspect of its fisheries management. At the center of that effort is the creation of 124 marine protected areas, covering more than 850 square miles, where fishing is banned or severely curtailed.