At-Home Education Resources

harbor seals snuggle on beach

California Sea Grant is curating this collection of resources to assist families with ideas and online programming for use during the shutdown of schools in response to COVID-19. We'll be updating this page regularly, so check back for new content and upcoming live events. For more resources from the nationwide Sea Grant network visit Education at Home Resources.

Live online events

Birch Aquarium Kelp Cam (Available 24/7)
Birch Aquarium Kelp Cam Live Talks (Tuesdays at 10am and Thursdays at 2pm PST via Facebook Live)
Bird Cams (Available 24/7)
Cinicinnati Zoo Home Safari (Daily at 12pm PST via Facebook Live)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams (Most cams available daily from 7am to 7pm PST)
CA State Parks Home Learning Programs (Check website for program schedule and registration)
San Diego Zoo Live Cams (Check website for availability)
Skype A Scientist Live (Check website for dates, times, and topics of scheduled events)
Spring Whale Watch Week (Daily starting at 10am, March 21-29)

Recorded for later

California Academy of Sciences Virtual Programs (Grades K-8)
Flipside Science (Middle School-High School)
Ocean School (Grades 6-9)
San Diego Zoo Videos
Zoo Radio - Santa Barbara Zoo

Interactive online games and experiences

Immersion! - CSU Monterey Bay
JetStream - An online school for weather
Kelp Forest Game and eBook - Monterey Bay Aquarium
NOAA SciJinks
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Games
San Diego Zoo Games
Virtual Dives - National Marine Sanctuaries
Voices in the Sea

To download and print

Climate Kids Activity Book
Coloring Pages - Monterey Bay Aquarium
Critter Cards - Monterey Bay Aquarium
Discover Your Changing World with NOAA Activity Book
Discover Your World with NOAA Activity Book
MPA Toolkit and Lesson Plan (Grades K-2)
MPA Toolkit and Lesson Plan (Grades 3-5)
MPA Coloring Book (Bilingual)
Salmon and Trout Educational Materials
Science Curriculum - Monterey Bay Aquarium (From Pre-K through High School)

Additional resources

2020 Marine Endangered Species Art Contest
Climate Kids - NASA
NOAA Resource Collections
San Diego Zoo Kids
San Francisco Zoo Educational Resources